1989 Flyer on the US Invasion of Panama that was distributed in Grand Rapids

Last week we posted a flyer that was created by the Latin America Working group at the Institute for Global Education on the Guatemalan Genocide and the Columbian Legacy. We discovered another flyer that was developed in response to the US invasion of Panama at the end of 1989. wJEQ2Kg

Just months before Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, the US military invaded the tiny Central American nation of Panama. The Bush administration was becoming frustrated with the lack of cooperation from Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega, especially with the US attempt to further marginalize the Sandinista-led Nicaragua government.

To justify the invasion, the US government claimed that Noriega was involved in drug trafficking and needed to be removed from power. The US media  bought this justification and acted as cheerleader for the US military, as is well documented in a report from Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting and the award winning documentary, The Panama Deception.

The flyer created by people involved with the Institute for Global Education cites the hypocrisy of the US and provided some sobering statistics on the human cost of the US invasion of Panama, which is supported by numerous independent investigations, like the one from Human Rights Watch.

This flyer is just one more indication that the Central American Solidarity Movement in Grand Rapids was active for over a decade and not limited to just one or two countries. Click here to read the two-page informational flyer.
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