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Giving til it hurts others: Another look and Rich DeVos & Jay Van Andel’s benevolence – 1998

(Our post last week was in reaction to a Grand Rapids Press article from 1998 that featured some information on the philanthropy of Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel. The article is a critique of the GR Press coverage. Today’s … Continue reading

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Responding to the GR Press Pro-Amway Propaganda – 1998

“Our people are seeking inspiration all the time, as most people are. Some people find it in the Rotary Club, some people find it at church and some people like to go to Amway meetings.” Rich DeVos, in, “The Power … Continue reading

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Rockford Baptist Mission to Haiti: Curing the African Mind (1993)

(This is the second posting on Haiti in 1993 during the US Embargo against the country that was meant to punish the Aristide government for defying US policy. The first posting dealt with a Grand Rapids company that was profiting … Continue reading

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Not at play in the fields of the Lord: The Bible League and Genocide

Editor’s Note: It is clear to anyone who investigates the history of West Michigan that religion has played a significant role in both promoting and resisting systems of oppression. The religious right for nearly 200 years in West Michigan has … Continue reading

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