Responding to the GR Press Pro-Amway Propaganda – 1998

“Our people are seeking inspiration all the time, as most people are. Some people find it in the Rotary Club, some people find it at church and some people like to go to Amway meetings.” Rich DeVos, in, “The Power of Positive Inspiration,” Forbes 12/9/91

screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-12-52-57-am“In many ways Amway is more like a fundamentalist religion than a direct marketing business, with money as the god.” – from Dangerous Persuaders, by Louise Samways

“Now I realize what people mean by Amway Brainwashing; they leave one unable to trust themselves or their capabilities. I have experienced that and it has led to a great lack of self esteem and a diminished self image which I have to work on now on a daily basis just to cope. I have had to seek a doctor’s care and treatment. I have to take medication to deal with the depression as it is too much to deal with at this time without it.” former Amway distributor

In April of 1998, the Grand Rapids Press ran a front page series on the “generosity” of Amway’s two founders, Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel. What follows is the response from the independent newspaper, The Fundamentalist in the summer of 1998.


To read the entire article from 1998 that critiques Amway and the GR Press coverage, click here.

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