General Archives

Calvin Chimes article on Amway 1971

1967 Report – Anatomy of a Riot

Local Media Coverage of Grand Rapids Sanctuary

Analysis of GR Press Coverage of Central America from 1986

Calvin Student Newspaper Coverage of Vietnam War Resistance

DeVos Yacht Named Freedom

Anti-Apartheid Resolution and Community Letters

Calvin Chimes Anti-Apartheid articles

Calvin documents on Apartheid Divestment

Community Endorsements for the Grand Rapids Central American Sanctuary House

AFSC Minutes on South Africa Task Force

South African Apartheid Educational Pamphlet

Statewide Anti-Apartheid Strategy Document 1977

Michigan Anti-Apartheid Flyer

Grand Rapids Public Schools South African Divestment 1985

Letters to Kent County Commission from GR South African Working Group

IGE 1982 Freeze Campaign article

Response to Grand Rapids CRC Pastor on the meaning of Apartheid in 1954

Grattan Rodeo Sponsors 1995

Letter to Rodeo Sponsors 1995

WMFA Advance article on Anti-vivisection

WMFA GR Parent Magazine Guest Column 1992

West Michigan for Animals Brochure

West Michigan for Animals Summer 1995 newsletter

West Michigan for Animals August 1995 Meeting Minutes

West Michigan for Animals September 1995 Newsletter

WMFA Oct:Nov 1995 Newsletter

WMFA Winter 1996 Newsletter

WMFA Spring 1996 Newsletter

WMFA Fall 1996 Newsletter

WMFA October 1996 Newsletter

1989 Flyer on US Invasion of Panama

Effects of US Policy in Central America Flyer 1990

Belknap Neighborhood Takeover in the 1990s

1973 Lanthorn article on the American Indian Movement

Red Lining Pamphlet 1991

ADAPT Grand Rapids Archival photos

Heartside Park article Sept:Oct 1996 FUN

GR Press Coverage of 1967 visit from Stokley Carmichael

Julian Bond in Grand Rapids 1969

1911 Furniture Workers Strike as Told by a Furniture Baron

1911 Furniture Workers Strike as told by Viva Flaherty








1993 Interview with Odawa War & Peace Chief

GR Press articles on Earth Day 1970

Grand Rapids School Board Meeting 11:16:1966

Local News Coverage of GRPS Moustache Saga 1966

GR Press Church Bombing March 1963

1987 Grand Rapids Press article on the 67 Riot in Grand Rapids

GR Press 1967 riot coverage

GVSC Student newspaper 1976-1977

Dummy Line Riot 1888

Clingman – Mustache Incident

Clingman Summer of 1967 pdf

Grand Rapids Press City Governance Proposals 1967 – 1970

GR Press Editorials for 1963 March on Washington

GR Press Coverage of the 1963 Civil Rights March in Detroit & DC

GVLN Series on Amway 1980

Anti-sweatshop Action in Grand Rapids 1996

Western Michigan Friends of the Farm Workers 1983

GR Press Coverage of 2006 Immigration March

Grand Rapids Driving Subsidies Study 1997

Anti-Iraq War Organizing in Grand Rapids GR Press Coverage

1970 document on the Grand Rapids housing crisis

The Negro in Grand Rapids 1840 – 1956

Grand Rapids Safety 95 Campaign

Newspaper Coverage of KKK in Grand Rapids 1925

KKK in Kent County 1970

KKK Rally in Grand Rapids 1995

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