A People’s History of Grand Rapids book is now available

After years of research, interviews and archival materials, A People’s History of Grand Rapids is finally available.

Since Howard Zinn wrote A People’s History of the United States, there have been numerous books that have used his model to address the history of events of specific groups of people, but always on a national level. A People’s History of Grand Rapids is one of the first books that applies a history from below view of a specific community. In Smith’s book, people will learn about the struggle of Indigenous, Black and immigrant communities in Grand Rapids, and the organized efforts by workers, women and the LGBTQ community to win greater freedoms and equality.

In addition, there are chapters that inform readers of movements against war, environmental destruction, the exploitation of animals and police repression, along with movements for global solidarity. A People’s History of Grand Rapids presents readers with a rich tradition of social movements in West Michigan and properly frames their struggles against the systems of power and oppression that each movement was up against. A People’s History of Grand Rapids is a book that counters the official narrative about this community, and it can inspire people by seeing that they have not been alone in the fight for justice where they live.

You can purchase A People’s History of Grand Rapids at Schuler Books. If you want a PDF version of the book, which is $10, just send an e-mail to sjeff987@gmail.com.

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