Haiti and Grand Rapids: Part 3 (1993)


This is the third part of three articles from 1993, written about the Haiti/Grand Rapids connection, a series which appeared in the Independent newspaper, The Fundamentalist.

Part 1 looked at a Grand Rapids-based company, H.H. Cutler, which had moved their manufacturing to Haiti (including other countries) and eventually closed their production in town despite benefitting from years of tax breaks. 

Part 2 featured a story about a West Michigan religious organization (Haiti Baptist Mission), which had been working in Haiti for decades, engaging in exploitative forms of White Savior politics. 

The third part in the series from 1993 ties the other two stories together and looks at how US policy has impacted Haiti historically and at the time this series was written.

The Clinton administration had just come to power at the beginning of 1993, a coup in Haiti had occurred the previous year and US trade policy had been promoting Haiti as a free trade zone. The US Agency for International Development (AID) had been directing funds to Haiti to attract multination corporations, particular in the garment sector.

Below is the beginning of the article on Haiti from 1993, an article you can read in its entirety by going to this link


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