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Responding to the GR Press Pro-Amway Propaganda – 1998

“Our people are seeking inspiration all the time, as most people are. Some people find it in the Rotary Club, some people find it at church and some people like to go to Amway meetings.” Rich DeVos, in, “The Power … Continue reading

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Haiti and Grand Rapids: Part 3 (1993)

This is the third part of three articles from 1993, written about the Haiti/Grand Rapids connection, a series which appeared in the Independent newspaper, The Fundamentalist. Part 1 looked at a Grand Rapids-based company, H.H. Cutler, which had moved their … Continue reading

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Giving Haiti the Business: Grand Rapids-based H.H. Cutler Leads the Way (1993)

(This article on Grand Rapids-based company H.H. Cutler and trade policy in the early 1990s is re-posted from the Independent newspaper, The FUNdamentalist Nov/Dec 1993) According to the National Labor Committee report, “Haiti After the Coup,” H.H. Cutler was the … Continue reading

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Grand Rapids Furniture Barons lived off the wealth created by furniture workers

As we have noted in previous articles related to the 1911 Grand Rapids Furniture Workers Strike, the strike pitted a handful of wealthy robber barons and thousands of furniture workers. The wealth gap between the Grand Rapids furniture barons was … Continue reading

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A.J. Muste: radical pacifist, labor organizer and former Director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation spent his formative years in Grand Rapids

One never knows how our lives evolve and what impact we will have on social issues and the various movements for radical social justice. Abraham Johannes Muste, also known as AJ, was one of those people who had and continues … Continue reading

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Voltairine De Cleyre: Feminist and Anarchist writer lived in Grand Rapids in the 1880s

Emma Goldman once referred to Voltairine De Cleyre as, “The most gifted and brilliant anarchist woman America ever produced.” Voltairine De Cleyre was born in Michigan in 1866 and was named after the French Enlightenment writer Voltaire. She grew up … Continue reading

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10,000 March in Labor Day Parade in 1911

According to the September 4 issue of the Grand Rapids Herald, 10,000 people planned on marching in the 1911 Labor Day Parade. According to the Herald, fifty-two unions participated in the march, which began at 10:00am on Bridge street, making … Continue reading

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