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A.J. Muste: radical pacifist, labor organizer and former Director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation spent his formative years in Grand Rapids

One never knows how our lives evolve and what impact we will have on social issues and the various movements for radical social justice. Abraham Johannes Muste, also known as AJ, was one of those people who had and continues … Continue reading

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Several Arrested in Grand Rapids in 1917 for passing out anti-draft information

In May of 1917, several members of the Socialist Party, two clergymen and Feminist/Labor supporter Viva Flaherty were arrested in Grand Rapids for distributing anti-conscription pamphlets near downtown Grand Rapids. This seemingly mild act of informing people about their rights … Continue reading

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1990 Flyer makes the link between US militarism and Housing Justice in the US

Over the past week we have posted some archival flyers that were used by Central American Solidarity activists in Grand Rapids, during the late 1980s and early 1990s. One flyer dealt with the connection between the Columbia legacy and the … Continue reading

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The Trial of Vern Ehlers: Dramatizing War Crimes

In 2003, just months after the US invasion/occupation of Iraq had begun, activists in Grand Rapids with the People’s Alliance for Justice & Change organized a mock trial for then Michigan Congressman Vern Ehlers. The mock trial was a piece … Continue reading

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