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New print looks at the 1911 Grand Rapids Furniture Workers Strike

The 1911 furniture workers strike in Grand Rapids was/is critical to our understanding of both the power of organized labor in this community and the ruthlessness of the capitalist class. We have written several pieces about the 1911 furniture workers … Continue reading

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Several Arrested in Grand Rapids in 1917 for passing out anti-draft information

In May of 1917, several members of the Socialist Party, two clergymen and Feminist/Labor supporter Viva Flaherty were arrested in Grand Rapids for distributing anti-conscription pamphlets near downtown Grand Rapids. This seemingly mild act of informing people about their rights … Continue reading

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A Working Class and Capitalist perspective: Revisiting the 1911 Grand Rapids Furniture Workers Strike – Part Two

( A special thanks to the Grand Rapids Public Library and its support for accessing the source documents used for this article.) In Part One, we looked at the role of Catholic Bishop Schrembs, whom the furniture workers on strike … Continue reading

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