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What lack of faith in the government can lead to: Some personal reflections on the Kent County Militia (1995)

This article is re-printed from The FUNdamentalist, November 1995. The writer of this article attended weekly meetings of the Kent County Militia just months after the Oklahoma City bombing.  Before I share my thoughts on who the local militia is, I … Continue reading

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Defending Wealth from the Pulpit in 1996

Systems of power always have their own priests to sanction their actions. This has been especially true of monotheistic traditions throughout history and for Christianity in particular in West Michigan. For anyone who reads this website it is clear that … Continue reading

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1980s Holiday Themed Political Cartoons Draw Attention to Militarism

In previous postings we have looked at the work of Grand Rapids cartoonist Jim Jirous in the 1980s, with his work on Central America and anti-nuclear themed cartoons.  Jirous created political cartoons for a housing collective in Grand Rapids that … Continue reading

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Before the GVSU incursion into the Belknap neighborhood, Butterworth/Spectrum Hospital engaged in a hostile takeover in the 1990s

It has been known for a couple of years now that Grand Valley State University (GVSU) has been making plans to expand into the Belknap neighborhood, specifically north of the 196 freeway. The GVSU expansion has been met with mixed … Continue reading

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Grand Rapids Participates in National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality – 1996

This article is from a November/December, 1996, issue of the Independent Grand Rapids newspaper, The FUNdamentalist. With banners that read, “Chief Hegarty, when will the brutality end?” and “fists and guns don’t protect and serve,” over 200 people marched on … Continue reading

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